Episode 231: Virtual Driving For Dollars with Deal Machine

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Show Notes

In today’s episode, David Dodge and Michael Slane invites Matt Kamp of DealMachine! They talk about the new features of Deal Machine which is the Virtual Driving for Dollars! You Don’t need to leave the house to find a vacant property. How cool is that? Also, Matt gave us a demo on how to use this new feature.

Things that will cover in this episode:

  • New Features of DealMachine
  • Virtual Driving for Dollars
  • Quick Tour for Virtual Driving
  • How to use DealMachine

Services Mentioned:

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David: Hey guys, welcome back. Mike, we haven’t done a podcast in forever. 

Mike: We haven’t man, we’ve been busy. We’ve been busy, it’s been a great year. 

David: We have been busy. 

Mike: Yeah, but it’s good. 

David: Holy cow. 

Mike: It’s really good. 

David: Matt, welcome. 

Matt: Yeah. Thanks again for having me. 

David: Absolutely, absolutely. Today, we’re gonna be talking about virtual driving for dollars. What’s the hype? I’ve been hearing it everywhere. Virtual driving for dollars, you don’t even have to leave your house which, you know, could be amazing for so many reasons, you know? Say there’s bad weather or you just don’t want to get out or you know, maybe you can’t leave the home cuz you got your kids or maybe you’re just like wanting to do it in a different market. I mean there’s so many reasons that this could be super valuable. So Matt, what’s the hype man? What’s going on? [inaudible]. 

Mike: Let me ask what the deal is with it too cuz I personally, like I like- we work in our own market, we work in St. Louis, I don’t even get it, like, why would I virtual drive for dollars, you know? What’s the deal? 

Matt: Yeah. Yeah well, it is- it’s funny. I hear people all the time like there’s a ton of different news cases like you said David. I mean, it’s something where you’ve got, you know, some people who are- they’re looking and investing in a completely different market like it’s an out-of-market thing where you know, this is a way to really replicate the idea of driving for dollars which if you believe in driving for dollars as one of the best strategies to drive, you know, to drive ROI, to get the most bang for your buck for lead generation, like this is an extension of that. So first you got to know what you’re doing there but then the second layer would be okay, let’s look at a different market, maybe you’re on a coast and you’re wanting to go somewhere that you’re gonna be able- you’re looking at a much lower price point or a much different price point or vice versa. So I think like one to begin with, it’s out of market investing and trying to replicate the idea of driving for dollars in a different place but then two, we have plenty of people who they are like man, like for me, I will literally sit on the couch, watch football, you know. On one screen I got like my fantasy football team up, the other screen, I can drive for dollars while I’m doing it, you know. So it’s like the convenience factor of any time of day, anywhere anything like that and then also any location. If you believe in driving for dollars, want to make that simple and easy as possible no matter where you are in the world. 

David: I love it. So really, you know, we should be doing more of it. 

Mike: Yeah. 

David: That’s really where we’re at. 

Matt: Yeah, and it’s like- it’s funny, I mean obviously like you want to play to your strengths so like some people, it doesn’t replicate the idea of getting out and like talking to the neighbors and you know, physically seeing things or being able to- you know there’s advantages to physically drive for dollars but in lieu of all that you can get a lar- you know you can get a large majority of the benefit of what driving for dollars is through virtual in a way that like I said, anytime, anywhere, any convenience like that so yeah, man, I think like, I prefer doing a little bit of both if possible.  

David: Yeah, hell yeah. Do you mind giving us a quick tour and like demo? How does it work? 

Matt: Yeah, I can show this off for sure. I mean I’ve got- so your Deal Machine pulled up here. I know- let me try to share my screen to begin with for you. I mean if you- 

David: Boom, look at that. 

Matt: Cool. Perfect. There, it’s smooth. So yeah guys I mean I think just kind of showing this off here, going into it, I know- the idea behind driving for dollars to begin with, obviously you guys know what you’re talking about there, but just for anybody who’s watching or who watches that hasn’t tried driving for dollars themself, like the whole point of it is to get out there to be able to see, you know, physically see a property, you know, identify that distressed property, so look for the properties that are you know, the worst street on the block, the ones that aren’t necessarily being taken care of by that property owner for whatever reason. Our goal with Deal Machine is to help you, you know, find those properties, so easily kinda like use data to identify those properties for you to be able to build a list of those properties so, you know, if you’re physically driving around, you would have the app on your phone and you can click to add that particular property right in the app and build a list that way and then the market to those properties. So it’s through the app for us, it’s sending direct mail like postcards, it’s skip tracing and calling the owner, giving them a text, you know all that type of stuff. So the goal here is to be able to find those properties that no one else can just buy a list of, like they’re looking for the diamonds in the rough that are going to have the best return on your dollar because you know, they have less competition, like they’ve got less investors hitting up that owner calling them, texting them, all that stuff. So, you know, just wanna kinda give a broad overview of driving for dollars when I jump into this cuz the virtual version is simulating a lot of that stuff and making it so that way you can get you know, 80, 90% of the way there by not even leaving your own house. 

David: I love it, man. I love how you can do so many things with this. You know when we first started using Deal Machine, we weren’t using any other features Matt. We were just using it to plot properties basically eliminating having to write them down on a piece of paper, right? We were using it just plot them and export them. Slowly but surely, Mike and I are now sending mail with it and you know, obviously using the instant skip tracing when routing the field. Guys, if you’re watching, get a hundred free skip traces, text D4D to 314-328-7727 and I’ll send you guys a link back and get you a hundred free skip traces over on Deal Machine. I love the, you know, the features of the mail. I thought it was, you know, I thought it was cool a while ago, but now I really love it because it eliminates people from getting lazy or not being consistent and that’s you know, that’s one of my biggest struggles. That’s what we try to coach all of our students on too is, you know, consistency, it’s about consistency. So whenever you can automate, you know 2, 5, maybe 7 postcards out to people as you’re driving around, I mean you can literally go drive around for 2 or 3 hours and then kinda forget about it, right? 

Matt: Yup. 

David: And you know, 3 to 5 weeks later, they’re going to get another piece of marketing from you so I love it, I think it’s great. 

Matt: Yeah man and I’m just showing the map a little bit to kinda show what it looks like just our normal driving for dollars solution when you’re out there physically driving around, it’s like you said David, I mean, it’s- the reason why we made it is even like our CEO, David Lecko, he was getting out there and doing exactly what you’re doing. He was driving for dollars, would find a property, would have to write down the address, would look up the ownership information, would had to spend a lot of time like actually creating a thoughtful postcard and mailing it out, like it would take 20, 25 minutes per property and that’s just not a scalable strategy to actually spend your time on whereas now, you know, the whole goal through the app is like go and get in there, you see the property, you pull over, you take a picture of it, you see all the data you could possibly need to know if it’s a qualified lead or not, and then after that, actually be able to send within the app, send an automated message to be able to- or an automated postcard within like- you know, that whole process now is like 6 or 7 seconds. 

David: Yeah, so fast. 

Matt: And yeah, it’s about consistency, like when you send them a postcard, you got to give- when you just send one, you got to get lucky that it’s the right timing, that they save your postcard or they save your number. If you only send one, like it’s really kind of just spray and pray and hope something comes back, but you know, our goal here was to make it so that i’s really easy so once a month, you can easily send a mailer and say hey, you know, send it and forget it. Send it once a month and when the timings right, they will think of you first because they’ve been getting your postcards over and over again and they’ve been- even the one that they has been staying top-of-mind for when they’re ready to sell. 

David: Love it. Yeah, absolutely man. We’ve been having really good success with the postcards lately. 

Matt: Yeah, so here’s a typical map you can see, you can even go in and like click oh show- you know, show me absentee owned properties like, you know, it’ll highlight different areas to show you like okay here are the properties I should be looking at. So this what our typical map looks like when you’re driving around. I love people jumping in the chat, you know, giving you well wishes David there too. I know we talked about that before getting on but you know again, so thankful that you’re doing okay. 

David: Yeah yeah, thank you, thank you. 

Matt: Yeah. I know- so to really- can I show you- your original question was around the driving for dollars like virtually, what’s the hype behind that? Here’s what our general stuff looks like. To simulate that, there’s a Chrome extension and so if you’re a pro-level member and up, you automatically get this with your Deal Machine membership, but it’s a Chrome extension, you just click on here and you’ll be able to see open maps to add properties and I’m logged in with your account like you said David. Jump into maps here, they kind of simulate the idea of driving around and looking for that property and being able to tag it and add it to your list and start marking to it. What you can do here is jump me in to you know, you got South City, St. Louis here, if the map will load all the way, here we go. It’s a little slow here, but you’ll see this little- the little yellow guy, you can drag-and-drop somewhere. So, this guy is kind of your street view, so when you pull and drag and drop him, this is where you can put- 

David: I love that little guy. 

Matt: Yeah, there you go. 

David: [inaudible]. 

Matt: Yeah, to make it fun. So you’ve got- throw it in here and you can see kinda the street view, you can see this was taken back August 2011 so this is actually an older one that you’ll want to- want to make sure first and foremost, you know, you’ll want to make sure that it is an updated picture. I would say the large majority of the time, Google’s pictures in your city are probably going to be less than a year old. 

David: Yeah, exactly man. Isn’t that crazy? Less than a year old. 

Matt: It’s wild man. 

David: They cover miles. 

Matt: They’re driving in the US constantly. 

David: But I mean everywhere all the time. I wonder how many vehicles they have. [inaudible] just amazing. At the bottom, doesn’t it show you the date of the picture? 

Matt: So bottom right here, you’ll see image capture that says August, 2011 so you know, a bit unlucky on that one but I’ll still show off exactly what it’ll do, but you’ll see here okay image capture, because we’re driving for dollars like you still want to look physically at that property if possible, you know, through this virtual option and you know turn to see okay, you know, I’m going to drive around and start clicking and see if I can find anything that would be you know of physically, you know, you’re looking for signs of physical distress and that would be anything from, you know, construction on that particular house to which I don’t know, what signs do you guys- is there anything that you kinda go to? Currently [inaudible]. 

David: Well, I look for anything that may- you know, any reason that the seller would be- have any reason to be motivated so basically anything that’s in disrepair, you know. I’m not necessarily looking for boarded up properties, here’s- that’s the thing because typically boarded up properties, they’re like 10 of them in a row. However, if I see one boarded-up property on the street and the rest of that street’s in great shape, then I will want that, right? So basically what I’m looking for is tall grass, trees that are you know massive that need to come down, landscaping, tarps on roofs, cars parked in driveways, you know, maybe a boarded-up window or two obviously, gutter hanging off houses. I like seeing- I love seeing broken down cars in driveways, you know, it’s like they got all kinds of problems tipping, you know, so you can help those people. What else? Paint peeling or chipping, you know, or just signs of danger, you know or like the back fence on this one here, that deck was like missing pieces of wood or falling off, it’s like this place is dangerous, you know what I mean? You need to do something about that so yeah, anything ang everything. 

Matt: That’s something- For sure, I was going to say I mean I know we’ve had people who are, you know, it’s more subtle signs even of like oh they’re not keeping up the outside of their house. Like I know, Josh on our team, his first deal he ever landed, it was somebody who put up Halloween decorations up and it was like February. So like, you know, something like that where it’s just like oh they’re just not keeping up with this property for whatever reason but you can see I was like dragging around down here to kinda look at different neighborhoods. You can see down here it says May 2019, so we’re getting more and more updated and accurate information or updated and accurate images here right? 

David: Yeah, [inaudible] that the major roads, they probably don’t update those as much, they probably don’t need to. It’s probably more updating on- 

Matt: For sure. 

David: It’s kinda where you’re at now, yeah, but typically one to two years is kinda what I’ve seen and sometimes it can be more recent than that which is cool. 

Matt: Yeah, so if you’re driving around and like, you know, being able to kinda simulate your driving for dollars here by looking through neighborhoods like this, say we were going to this corner and you saw, you know, you can see a house right here, when you click on that Chrome extension, that’s when it’s going to start to basically simulate what’s going on within your map that you would be regular driving around too, typically drive around. So, that’s what you’re gonna see here, you can see oh this particular property, this 4170 Connecticut is absentee owned and if I want to click on that property, you can add it to a list directly through here so now it’s  automatically showing me okay David, when I go back to your CRM, you’re going to see this particular property owner and all of this added to your list right there so it’s really easy to go in, see ownership data, see what type of property it is and then be one step away from you then using that skip trace like you’re talking about where you give them a call right on the spot or you know, text them or get information that way or start mailers from that one click button right here. So, you know, the whole goal with this again, like you said: convenience. You can do this anywhere, anytime, you know, if it’s- say you’re like doing a day- having a day job, you know the days are short now like there’s not- and it’s obviously getting dark pretty early and all of that, like physically getting out there and driving around and seeing the houses are going to be a little hard. 

David: That’s a great point. Yeah, everything’s dark at like 4:30 right now.  

Matt: I’m not a fan, yeah. 

David: [inaudible]. 

Matt: Yeah. 

David: But yeah like I mean like last night I probably should have been more productive for two or three more hours but once it gets dark, I just kinda throw in the towel, but if I can scroll on the couch and do this, you know, hell that’s great. 

Matt: [inaudible]. For people who have that day job, like if you were hustling at night, you know this is a way to  kind of simulate that and look at properties that it’s gonna be easier to see during the day. You know I’ve even seen- like I know if you go this way, so you can kind of spin and look around and you can see oh you’ve got like, you know, a wheelchair ramp, I know that’s a signal that people- they’ve had studies on owners that are looking to move, like that’s another sign. You know, there’s things like that you can identify that you can really be able to see okay let me take a note of that property. 

Mike: Let me interrupt you. Dude, that’s a golden nugget right there guys, wheelchair ramps. That is a huge one. Just add those to the list, if they’re- somebody like that is more likely to move in the next 5 years, right? So huge little tip. I love that. 

Matt: Yeah, going through that, you’ll be able to easily click on and see okay I’ve got- I’m surrounded by all these properties that you can see, you know, some that are corporate-owned popping on, owner-occupied and be able to the physically like add them to your list and start the mailers right there. So you can see you like that particular property, if I go here, you know what you would do normally is sit and take a- you know, sit right here, take a picture, be able to, you know, simulate like the idea of that and then jump in here and see okay, pull this up. Got this property right here, hit it owner-occupied- or hit it right there and then you can add it to your list and be able to start mailers on the spot. 

Mike: Dude, add it. 

David: Add it up man. 

Mike: Come on man. 

David: Yeah. 

Matt: I can actually happen if you want, there we go, but it’s in the queue. 

David: Yeah, we’re [inaudible]. 


Mike: 2 birds or whatever, you know?  

Matt: [inaudible] deals. If you land that deal through this, you gotta at least pull me in to see [inaudible]. 

Mike: Oh yeah, 20%. 

David: 10%, 20%. 

Mike: We’ll talk numbers when we get the deal, don’t worry about it. 

David: Hey, this [inaudible] is legit. You should hit that one too.  

Mike: And if you’re watching and you live in that house, Dave is sorry for that. 

David: I’m not. Clean your yard up bro. 

Matt: Well- oh and yeah, like one guys comment he’s in Turks and Caicos. There’s another reason, like if you’re outside the US, it’s a real easy way to just be able to pull this up from anywhere and you know, be able to drive for dollars in any physical market. 

Mike: Yeah, that’s cool. So, and if you could just show us one more time how you’re doing it though, so we’re in- 

David: [inaudible] log you out, I was just trying to log in on the[inaudible]. 

Mike: Yeah, don’t do that. 

David: Go ahead. 

Mike: We are in our driving for dollars- or the Deal Machine, we log into that and then we click on the map and then it opens up the Chrome- 

David: Oh yeah, that’s a great- yeah, how do they get that hardware? 

Mike: Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Matt: How do they get back in here again? 

Mike: Yeah. 

David: Yeah. 

Matt: Let me show that off real quick. 

Mike: Again, kinda try to add the property one more time cuz it’s a little bit- there’s a couple steps to it looks like. 

Matt: Yup, let me walk you back through it man. So I’ll show you here back on the actual- your actual dashboard and you’ll be able to see like those properties that we just added too so kind of show that off too, but yeah as you’re logging in here. So with your particular account and again, this is anybody who’s like pro level- so we’ve got our basic membership, pro-level, enterprise. Anybody that’s pro level and up will get access to this particular feature. So if you jump in here, you can see you know, we’ve got our dashboard. This is where you’ll see like analytics and that type of stuff around each- around what you’re doing. 

David: [inaudible]. Is it built-in to all this? Like it’s not- 

Matt: Is what? The virtual? 

David: Is it extra or is it built-in? 

Matt: So if you’re pro level, it’s built-in. 

David: Shit, that’s cool. 

Matt: Yeah so you know, the map, that’s for anybody basic, basic and level and up Deal Machine member there. The leads, that’s also- that’s actually a free specific feature so this is like the CRM of when we- you saw we just added that 4207 Connecticut Street you know, that we put on- sent mailers out to, that’s where this is going to pop up is as you’re driving around virtually, it’ll automatically update here and then from there, when you’re actually in your app, the Chrome extension up here, so you’ll actually when you- when you’re pro through Deal Machine, we’ll give you instructions on how to download a Chrome extension and how to sign in basically right there and once you download that then you automatically have access to this virtual driving for dollars piece. So it’s like an extension of our web app. 

David: Yeah, that’s cool, that’s very cool. So how do they get back into that area then> They go to maps? 

Matt: Yeah, so you click maps right there and that’s when it’s going to jump you to Google Maps so that would be [inaudible]. 

David: Okay perfect. 

Matt: Yeah, exactly. So if I want to take a- this fully loads, I want to look at, you know, South City area again up here, fully loads up, you’ve got this guy, drag and drop him again. Let’s look this area. 

David: They cover every street, isn’t that nuts? 

Matt: Yeah, it’s wild. 

David: They cover all of them. 

Mike: It’s funny when I’m playing with maps sometimes and then I want to go look in like a private driveway and I’m all- I’m kind of pissed off because I’m like oh why didn’t he drive up there? And it’s like oh they can’t, it’s like a private driveway. It’s like oh man, come on dude, let me up. 

Matt: Yeah, so it’s like, you know, if I’m driving- 

Mike: But you can’t- exactly, you can’t go into the driveway. Yeah. 

David: So when you click on that extension, it basically pulls any data from what’s on the screen. 

Matt: Exactly, so it’ll- it’s refreshing the area around you so you can see okay here’s the property I’m looking at. 

David: Right there, gotcha. Okay cool. 

Matt: Yup. 

David: That’s a great feature guys, gotta love that. Quit sitting on the couch late at night, go look for deals, you know, you can do this from your laptop, probably do it from your cell phone. Well, you need the Chrome extension though. 


David: [inaudible] your laptop, that’s great, and go find those properties that show signs of distress. That’s the point here, we are looking for deals and the best way to find a deal is to trade somebody a whole hell of a lot of convenience in exchange for a discount on their property and that’s really it, it’s simple you know? 

Matt: Yeah. 

David: Go for it. 

Matt: I was gonna say our goal is to eliminate every possible excuse you guys can come up with or run into like, you know, like I said if it’s you know, if you’re sitting at home and it’s dark out then let’s do virtual and you know, that’s what for you guys too like I think signing up for those free skip traces, we want to make it easy for you to have a free trial, make it easy for you to start calling people, make it easy for you to start sending mailers, all that stuff would come with signing up through you guys too so yeah man, it’s fun to have me on here and kind of show off a few of the new things were working on. 

David: Matt, thank you for coming. Mike, you know what I want to be doing tonight sitting on my couch. 

Mike: You’re gonna drive for dollars.  

David: Late D4D baby. 

Mike: It  doesn’t even have to be late, that’s what I like. It’s 4:30 and it’s pitch-black out [inaudible] 

David: That’s afternoon man. 

Mike: Yeah, we can get out there all day. I love it. 

David: That’s what’s up. Matt, thanks for coming on again. As always, we love having you teaching us a thing or two today about the virtual driving for dollars features over on Deal Machine. Guys, check out deal machine and get a 7 day free trial and 100 free skip traces, text D4D to the number on the screen here: 314-328-7727 and that’s a wrap.  

Matt: Thanks again. 

David: Signing off, thanks guys. 

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