Episode 293: Nationwide Wholesaling with David Olds

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EP 293

Welcome back to the Discount Property Investor podcast. David Dodge is joined by a special guest, David Olds. David is not only in the land-lording game but he also does a ton of wholesaling, he is a full-time real estate investor. David is a sought-after speaker and coach who has a thriving nationwide wholesale company and continues to grow his rental portfolio while teaching the next generation of investors the tips and secrets that they need to rapidly grow their business and get to their desired income level & lifestyle. In this episode, they’re going to talk about how to do Nationwide Wholesaling and how to expand into new markets.

Things that will cover in this episode:

  • Mindset
  • David is currently in 18 markets
    • How he messed up first – Not knowing what markets to TARGET
  • Market Research is the KEY – hottest investment markets in the country
  • SMS / Cold calling / Direct mail / AdWords
  • Find what the buyers are buying and who are you doing this for?
  • Advice to people wanting to expand into new markets
    • Start someplace relatively close
    • Use Propstream to pull nationwide comps
    • Don’t worry about the MAO formula
    • Houses that similar like yours in the area or in the neighborhood
    • Get them on your team (you and them vs the market)
    • Start doing the transaction and contract those properties
    • Tell them what will happen next (be transparent)
    • Post on Craigslist or FB to find someone who can take pictures and videos
    • Send someone out to get those pics and videos and if they seem a good fit, hire them
      • Minimum of 2 pictures in every room
      • Video starting on the curb then through the front door
    • Market – Start getting the deal out to buyers!
    • Get buyers into these deals
    • Title Company
  • ezREIclosings.com

Service Mentioned:


  • @DavidOldsREI
  • David@DispoREI.com
  • (423) 544-5795

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