Episode 294: TJ Konsen on Wholetailing

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Mike Slane is back in today’s episode of the Discount Property Investor podcast. He is joined by a very special guest, TJ Konsen. If you’re a new investor and haven’t picked a marketing channel that you’re comfortable with, this episode is for you! Mike and TJ talked a lot about the wholetailing market, wholesale, and the challenging parts in the business. Check this episode guys!

Things that will cover in this episode:

  • Who is TJ Konsen and how he got started in real estate?
  • Different stages of business development
    • Phase 1 – Hustling stage
    • Phased 2 – Business building and then focusing on people
    • Phase 3 – Working on a higher level
  • Wholetail Market
    • Direct to seller
  • Rehab side vs Rental side
  • Focus on direct to seller marketing
  • KPI
    • Cost per deal
    • Cost per lead
    • Responsiveness of the seller
  • Wholesale Market

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