Episode 296: Christopher Kai The King Of Communication!

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In today’s episode of Discount Property Investor Podcast, David Dodge has a special guest, Christopher Kai The King Of Communication!. In this episode, David and Christopher talk about communication because communication is everything in every business. If you want to be a better storyteller communicator and if you are interested to learn more about Christopher, check this episode guys!

Things that will cover in this episode:

  • Communication – everything in business
  • Communicate with a physical human being to get more successful whether online or offline
  • Gifted Professional Speaker program (GPS) – this program is all about what Christopher Kai learned in 20 years. This program talks about the business side of speaking where the event space is a 1 trillion-dollar market.
    • What is your expertise? Marketing and sales
    • Sports industry
    • Music Industry
    • Corporations
  • Define your expertise
  • You need to be credible
  • You need to be visible
  • CALF
    • Complements
    • Ask
    • Leave
    • Follow up
  • Hook them with a story
  • Most people have egos especially guys
  • Tonality – 40%
  • Body language – 7%
  • Words – 53%

Service Mentioned:

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David: Alright guys, welcome back to the discount property investor podcast. I am your host David Dodge and today I have a special guest Christopher Kai is joining us and I actually just met Christopher at a live event, oh man two weeks ago I think it was give or take.

Christopher: Yup.

David: And I walked into the room and this guy was speaking on stage and immediately I was drawn to him. His confidence and his level of communication was off the charts and I said Chris I gotta get you on my podcast, come on here, come join me.

Christopher: Come on, come on.

David: Let’s talk for 30-40 minutes about communication, because guys communication is everything in every business. I don’t care what business you’re in, it’s everything. So Christopher, thank you for coming on board. Welcome to the discount property investor podcast my friend.

Christopher: Thank you David for having me on and just so that all of you who are listening and watching, just so you know how bad ass David is, again I meet a lot of people around the world and unfortunately a lot of people don’t communicate well. The tonality sucks, the body language sucks, they don’t use the right words, they ramble on too much. In David’s case as he knows, I get on stage, I’m the opening speaker. I had to crush the stage and set the tone, and the first thing I realized like going around the room before I get on stage and everyone’s like blah blah blah I do this. Like no one cares what you do unless you hook them first with the stories, what I call tent pole stories. You have a conversation but if I say oh yeah I just booked a speech in Dubai, that’s a tentpole story where it props up. In David’s case, he’s the only guy that had humor and coolness i.e. tentpole stories like my name is David and I’m a alcoholic so first he makes us laugh.

David: Yes.

Christopher: He’s super chill but he says oh man I had this cool experience though, I was like flying a plane. So again, I don’t remember anyone else’s introduction out of the 30, 40 people there that paid 5 grand to be there ’cause that’s more of an exclusive mastermind but as David knows, I pointed that out because what I do for a living are two main things. I got big companies like Google, Merrill Lynch, massive companies hire me to give a speech. I give a bill of 20,000 dollars for one speech for an hour, corporate gigs.

David: Awesome man.

Christopher: And then I have entrepreneurs like the ones listening perhaps who are speaking, they see my life. I don’t have to be a coach David, I love my life as a speaker. So I have a program called GPS where I codify what I’ve learned in 20 years breaking it down, what is your expertise? Marketing and sales, you can make money as a speaker whether online or offline so if I say to you David or anyone on is do you wanna spend 20 years figuring this stuff out that it took me?

David: Making the same mistakes I did.

Christopher: Do you want to 20 years to do this?

David: Yeah.

Christopher: No, you want to spend 20 years-

David: Oh no, not at all. I- yeah no hahaha not at all.

Christopher: But what I’m saying is-

David: I wanna use all of your experience and all the mistakes you’ve made over 20 years and avoid those things.

Christopher: Exactly.

David: Absolutely.

Christopher: Pitfalls, mistakes, falls, you know, like concussions, punches in the gut, kick in the balls, right? But what I’m telling the audience is going back to you even though I am the guest. What David did well that most people don’t, he had the courage to just be I don’t give a fuck, this is- I’m just me, casual, I’m an alcoholic.

David: I’m not but I always make that joke.

Christopher: And then he has a [inaudible]. No, but I don’t know you and that’s the first time we met, right?

David: Right right right right.

Christopher: But for anyone listening, if you want to be a better storyteller communicator, lighten up a little bit.

David: Yes.

Christopher: Crack a joke.

David: Yes.

Christopher: But say something that stands out ’cause if you don’t, if you talk about lunch or driving. Oh my gosh traffic was horrible, no. Oh so Christopher tell me about a speech oh you know what, the one behind me, there were 12 thousand people across four days mainstage in the Venetian in Vegas. Steve Wozniak spoke there from Apple, Julie Sweet from Accenture, John Collison, one of the youngest billionaires from Stripe was there. I’m just saying if I say I’m a speaker and I’m not telling you what I’ve done at the level I’m doing, you see my cool hair, you’re like well should I really believe it? I’m like you don’t have to believe me ’cause I don’t need to work with you. Again, this is not a pitch, this is more of like yo I’m presenting myself, sharing David giving me the love and this opportunity to share so anyone that’s listening or watching, do yourself a favor, stories are 22 times [inaudible]. And I don’t know if David remembers this, all you need is 3 stories: professional story, personal story and client stories. Most people, what do you think they talk about most of the time David?

David: Themselves.

Christopher: Yeah but they ramble on, it’s not interesting.

David: It’s not. [inaudible].

Christopher: If I say Dave you know, I was- well tell me, did you have a time when you felt bullied, teased, felt like an outsider, you feel like a piece of crap when you were a kid?

David: Yeah.

Christopher: Tell me one moment of that, one story.

David: Oh man just trying to think like you know, there’s so many of them like just anytime that I was a kid.

Christopher: One that you literally got punched in the face and it felt so bad that when you landed on the floor with your chin hitting the dirt and you’re bleeding from both your eyes and your chin and you didn’t wanna wake up. Any of those moments.

David: Yeah I mean there’s a time that comes to mind when I was riding the school bus as a little kid and I was like second or third grade and there was fifth graders, right? And they didn’t like that you know, I was a good communicator even back then and I was flirting with the 5th grade girls and they whooped my butt.

Christopher: Oh yeah.

David: Yeah. Yeah I remember it, absolutely.

Christopher: And who was that bully? Do you remember his name?

David: I think his name was Tim if I can recall. Yeah.

Christopher: So again, as you’re sharing this story, if the podcast listeners or viewers are hearing like holy crap ’cause they might think oh my gosh Dave’s successful, Dave’s this, Dave’s that, I can’t beat Dave but as soon as you start sharing your personal life as a 6-7 year old kid, you’re like oh my gosh maybe I can be like Dave or maybe I can be like Christopher ’cause me too. Dude the worst most humiliating moment of my life, I was 14 years old, I was 4’10, I walked up to the girl to ask her to dance. She’s wearing a black hat, white top, and a black skirt. You know as guys it’s hard to ask a cute girl to dance, she says yes. This upperclassman, he’s literally a foot taller than me, picks me up in front of this girl, laughs in my face just ha ha ha are you trying to pick up a second grader? Puts me back down and just walks away. I’m mortified, she’s mortified. I have no clue but it was like the most senseless act of bullying that’s necessary. He just throw out this very short kid.

David: Oh yeah, the worst bullying is the mental. It’s not the physical but the mental.

Christopher: Yeah, right? But I’m just saying when people hear this story like man Chris, I’m impressed by you writing 6 books, they’re more the stellar but I’m even more impressed with the vulnerability to share, like you have Dave, yo dude I didn’t come from money, I didn’t come from access, yes I get billed at $20,000 for one speech now but didn’t start like that, right? So first lesson, make sure you share your personal story, low point. If you don’t share your low points, you’re just kind of a douchey arrogant and no one cares about you here. Second one is professional story. Talk about you David, how did you realize you were an entrepreneur? When did you start making money as an actual real estate guy? How old were you?

David: Let’s see here. I would say you know, I started making money after about 3 months ago in full time so about 7 years ago.

Christopher: Okay cool. So now it’s like okay, if someone is listening or watching, they know wow if I hate my job, hate my life, hate my girlfriend/boyfriend, I can devote 3 years and to make a living after 7 years. Dude most people never clear 6 or 7 figures, I’m like ooh that’s [inaudible]. Now it’s the trajectory.

David: Yeah 3 months. Took me- only took me 3 months once I went full time, right?

Christopher: Yeah.

David: Yeah.

Christopher: That’s like me, right? I have clients that book their speech in 2 days, and one day I had one client make 20 grand in one phone call. So immediacy is great, not all of our clients do that, right? But now they start filling in the personal- professional story where oh wow David didn’t grow with many means, David made money in 3 months and now the final difference is the transition. Who is that man or woman that helps you? Which is why they hire me be that transition. Do they wanna spend 20 years figuring this stuff out? I had one client David, guess how many years he wanted to be a speaker for?

David: I mean, 30?

Christopher: 10.

David: 10, yeah. That’s an amazing long time though.

Christopher: He was in his 50’s okay?

David: Yeah.

Christopher: Imagine if he’s at a 50, I said you wanna spend 20 years? He’s like ah.

David: Eugh. I only want to spend 10.

Christopher: But in one week- one month. Yeah so within one month working with me, he booked 4 speeches.

David: Wow.

Christopher: So I’m saying professional story is I was a transition, I was his coach, I was his coach mentor trainer, whatever you want to call it. So for you, who was the person in your life? Did you invest in that coach or mentor or trainer?

David: Yeah I have like 6 coaches right now. Wow.

Christopher: But during that 3 months though, during that 3 months?

David: Oh during that 3 months. Yes I absolutely did, his name is Joe. He is still my- he’s actually one of my coaches currently on a different topic.

Christopher: See?

David: Yeah I hired a coach, absolutely. And I have friends who didn’t and it took them 8, 10, 12 months to get to where I did in 3.

Christopher: Or never, or never, or never.

David: Or never, yeah. And that’s the biggest thing there Christopher: or never. And a lot of them it was that, it was that, right?

Christopher: Because they don’t have your courage, they’re not as funny as you, you got- you know, you got a good vibe. Remember I told you when we approached you like you had a call with my sales guy and you said I don’t even know what the hell Chris you know because I didn’t- you know, I’m just walking around, I was actually happy to meet real entrepreneurs because you know I’m in my home working all the time, you know? So I’m like dude you got a good vibe, let’s talk, you know? But I’m just saying what you did is share your example of investing. All these people are like oh I gotta make money, I’m like yo dude. I remember this one guy gave a speech, my books 20 bucks, he’s like- and we just talked about by the way hanging out with girls, he’s dropping $100 in a weekend in and he says 20 bucks is like oh uh Christopher I have to think about that. I’m like alright well you’ll never be successful. He’s like wait what did you say? He got pissed off and I’m like you heard what I said, I said you will not be successful. He’s like that is so rude. I’m like no I’m honest. He’s like what do you mean by that?

David: That’s honest, right.

Christopher: You just told me that you spend $100 trying to get with a girl that didn’t go anywhere. I told you to make- I spent 20 years in a book but I never really [inaudible] executive. You say you want to be a business person and it’s $20, that’s like toilet paper.

David: Yeah exactly.

Christopher: It’s about priorities buddy and it’s about courage.

David: Priorities. That’s what- I’m gonna repeat what you just said, priorities.

Christopher: Priorities and courage.

David: The best investment you can make is in yourself, period.

Christopher: Yeah.

David: Period guys.

Christopher: Yeah. So the last story I want to share with your guests is now client stories. You’re a coach yourself, right? You have clients that hire you?

David: Mm-hmm.

Christopher: Tell me a before and after picture, one of your worst case scenarios, you know, and then now where they are now.

David: Yeah so I had a- I just maybe a month or two ago, I had a student come and well he joined the program about 4 and a half, 5 months ago, and just last month he was able to quit his job and he was making essentially close to what he made annually, monthly now.

Christopher: Yeah.

David: So he’s having tremendous success. Not all of my students are gonna achieve that success and you mentioned that too. But the ones that apply themselves and don’t have a plan B, and I like to refer to it as the ones that burn the boats have the most tremendous massive success.

Christopher: Burn the bridges and burn the boats ladies and gentleman.

David: Because they aren’t clinging on to that plan B, like burn the boats people and then you are- you don’t have a choice but to succeed.

Christopher: Yup yup.

David: You know? But yeah I mean I’ve had several students quit their jobs and I never encourage them to, you know. I actually tell them not to until they are absolutely 100% ready and you know, but I’ve had several students quit their jobs and they are- it’s the best decisions they’ve ever had because now they’re making 4, 5, 6 times the amount of money and they have 4 to 5 to 6 time the amount of freedom.

Christopher: Yeah and again, it’s because of you David, because they invested in you ’cause you have a system just like I have a system, right?

David: Right.

Christopher: So just to summarize, I don’t care if you’re a real estate investor, an in- it doesn’t matter. You need to communicate with a physical human being to get more successful whether online or offline, so when you know these three stories, personal stories, professional stories, client stories. In David’s case, he was bullied in the bus when he was a second or third grader ’cause these guys were macking on him cuz he’s like he’s hitting on this 5 year old girl, I mean fifth grade girls. And a professional story, he made some money at 3 months but he made an investment and then after 7 years he’s like loaded helping other people. And then client story, he helps people leave their job. So again people listening, I don’t care what profession, I’ve helped people across the professions so what I do in GPS is literally-

David: Yeah, let me hear all about this, I’m so curious.

Christopher: Dude, so it’s called the Gifted Professional Speaker program. I help people make money with their story. It’s not just about speaking well, it’s about getting paid to speak whether at corporate gigs where they pay upfront or speak-to-sell gigs where that’s kinda how we met, I spoke on a stage and I’ll say yo I have these programs as more of a soft sell, but you have to know what room you’re working. So this program is all about what I learned in 20 years. I talk about the business side of speaking where the event space is a 1 trillion dollar market, 1 trillion. You have the sports industry, the music industry, but the corporations, they trump those two combined. Just think about that.

David: Wow. I did not- I would have never guessed.

Christopher: NBA, hockey, Super Bowl, Olympics, music, Coachella, it doesn’t matter, Grammy Awards. Because think about it, the corporations the own that freaking bankroll that. So just in the corporate space is a 300 million dollar space so there’s so much money out there for corporations that the people don’t even know. So yes I get billed at 20,000 for a one hour speech corporate in person but I landed a 10,000 speech online like what we’re doing now, literally someone paid me $10,000 just to get a call like this. It took me time to understand, when I’m teach my program where first you have to define your expertise. Are you a sales guy? Are you a networking guy? Are you a real estate guy? Are you a team building guy? I’m an expert in business storytelling and networking and communicating and marketing. Well tell me a story, tell me your bio, tell me your testimonials, tell me your videos. In my case, it’s what I call first class credibility David. If you see a man onstage, you already assume what if I’m on stage as a speaker?

David: That you’re credible at some way, shape or form.

Christopher: Exactly.

David: Yeah.

Christopher: Like literally it’s like when you walk on a plane and you see someone flying first class, there’s no ambiguities. So unfortunately a lot of people, they don’t want to be a speaker, they want to be an investor and they wonder why they’re not getting lead flow ’cause no one freaking knows you. You’re literally what I call invisible where if you Google yourself, you’re either invisible, visible, expert. It’s a very tough thing to here when I say this to people that are very successful and I say let’s Google you David or let’s Google you Mike and they’re invisible. So what I do in my program is help you become visible and expert.

David: Right.

Christopher: And then lastly is about sales as you know dude. You’re a good business passion but you’re also like straight to the point you know, like tell me how- what’s investment? What do I get out of it? But same as me, you’re like me, we’re like classic type A alpha males. Savagery, don’t waste my time, if you didn’t have a good vibe, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation ’cause I don’t even do any podcasts. Again, it’s just not worth my time but you’re a good dude, I’m like yo man I wanna go to St. Louis, I’ve never been there. It’s kinda like this mutual benefit. We’re like Elon Musk. Are you a fan of Elon Musk?

David: Oh absolutely, massive fan.

Christopher: So- and I’ll show you this photo. Showing not telling where I can just get a photo with this dude who’s actually the richest guy in the world.

David: Yeah he’s- I just saw on the news this morning he’s like 330 billion.

Christopher: Yeah yeah yeah, right? So-

David: Richest man on the planet.

Christopher: I convinced Elon freaking Musk, those of you listening or watching, you can go to YouTube, just type in my name Christopher Kai and Elon Musk. I didn’t just get a photo op, I convinced Elon fricking Musk to come to my homeless youth program on my dime with my mission where we helped him share his story with homeless kids at a shelter in LA. And I want to stress with all the listeners, I go to a lot of business conferences, mostly I’m speaking there, right? And everyone’s talking about money money money money money. I get it dude, money is important, but if you don’t have a heart to help people, you are soulless and it doesn’t matter how much money you have. So with Elon, he came to my homeless youth program, he shared his story and again, go to YouTube and listen to him. He’s a very humble man but what I’m getting at is because I had a story to share with Elon, I had convinced him to come to the shelter. It doesn’t matter what’s Elon or David or Mike, it doesn’t matter. It’s about being sincere and genuine when it’s at that level which there is a level by the way, we are all human beings with equal value but he has a little more dollar signs than David and I for now. But I’m saying is when you have that level of success, they’re busy people and-

David: Yeah yeah, totally yeah.

Christopher: Yeah, so I was very quick to the points what I call CALF, C-A-L-F. C stands for complements, A stands for ask, L stands for leave and F stands for follow up. Hey Elon, great job at the World Affairs Council cause I saw him speak. I wasn’t a groupie, I [unintelligible sounds] Elon you’re amazing like everyone- he says it- he hears it all the time.

David: Right.

Christopher: Ask, Elon I have this amazing homeless youth program where you can save lives if you share your story there, give your email. I asked him, you know, actually I told him and he gave it me shockingly cuz a lot of times they don’t. And then lastly I left which most people don’t and I followed up. First time, his assistant’s that oh sorry Elon has a rocket launch, he has to reschedule. Second time, oh sorry he’s busy. I’m like whatever Elon freaking Musk whatever right? Third time, I get a call from a security detail says this is Mr. [inaudible], I work with Elon Musk, I want to do a walkthrough of the shelter. I’m like woah this is real, granted it took 2 months but the man showed up and that’s why this picture isn’t just about oh it’s cool no no no. We helped homeless kids, we helped homeless kids stay in school, we help homeless kids not kill themselves, we helped homeless kids get jobs, Elon Musk is part of my cause there. So what I’m saying to all of you is make as much money as possible, make sure you have a cause that you believe in because if you don’t, why do you wanna be like that, you know? We’re here to serve but again, personal story, professional story, client story. In the GPS program, I walkthrough example after example whether it’s a 20 year old young woman named [inaudible] who made her first 4 grand in IKEA in Sweden in the first few months or Keith Harmon, he’s a seasoned executive, he’s built 50 companies, has half a billion dollars. I have to book 5 speeches where [inaudible] TEDx talks so I have two different programs. I have done it for you, those that makes 7-11 figures. Those are more- I’ve done it for you where literally you heard a little bit about the other pretty much. If you have a website, we’ll redo it for you if you don’t. I build a better whole speaker website for you so all the heavy lifting is done for you, all you need is 3 hours of your time every month, that’s a done it for you private coaching and I have group coaching where every week group calls where you get me live with the hair inviting people like millionaires and people to help you become a speaker. But simple thing is I help you build first class credibility as an entrepreneur speaker. If you’re not building first class like again, David, he wasn’t there at the conference. If he didn’t invest, if he’s not successful, why would I be on this podcast? Cuz it’s like you’re just wasting my time and I’m wasting his time, right? But if we’re not successful, why should you listen to us right?

David: Absolutely.

Christopher: Does that make sense David?

David: 100%. First class credibility I think is massive.

Christopher: Yup.

David: And whenever you were talking about it up onstage, hey I already thought you were credible but then you were showing and talking about all these other things and then I’m thinking well shit this guy is the real deal and yeah. Like just those simple things make a big difference to people like it’s crazy. People really like you know, the sexy, they like the shiny and that’s not always you know, what’s gonna sell them but it’s definitely gonna get them interested, let’s put it that way.

Christopher: You have to hook them in, right?

David: You got to hook them in, right. Absolutely.

Christopher: You gotta hook them in. I mean again, it’s unfortunately that again. If you don’t have a brand or a global brand or credibility for [inaudible] what I call as a speaker, where are you gonna go? Because again as a speaker, I don’t have issues finding clients. You know, my issue is do I wanna work with you? I have people all the time ask me hey I’ll pay you this much, I’m like dude I don’t need your money. Like some of these coaches they need the money, I don’t ’cause again I don’t need to be a coach. That’s kind of why for whoever is listening, you are the prize. Some people I see there’s some kinds like they’re very needy and just like girls don’t like guys that are needy, well I don’t like needy clients.

David: Yeah me either. 100%

Christopher: You don’t want to be a needy person, you know what I mean?

David: Absolutely.

Christopher: Yeah, but again for those of you who are interested-

David: Yeah, you want the people that are kinda- you want the people that are already jogging and then you can show them a door and they can run right through the door, right? That’s all we do as a coach is show someone the door.

Christopher: Yeah.

David: They gotta run through the damn thing, right? We can hold their hand right up to the thing but then we gotta let go and they gotta go through that door on their own man. That’s just how it is with any program.

Christopher: Yeah.

David: It takes massive action to be successful but I can tell already ’cause I’m already in talks with you about working with you and I’m saying that on the podcast like that’s a statement that I’m gonna stand behind but I loved everything that you were talking about up on stage, the way you carry yourself. Actually the first thing you said, you were talking about me but you said tonality, body language and then one other thing about communication and I wanted to-

Christopher: Words, the words you use. The words you use.

David: And the words you use. I wanted to see if you had a couple minutes to just talk about that ’cause I think the listeners are going to get a ton of value ’cause again we do have a lot of real estate, you know, investors on this podcast and I think a lot of times people- they stumble when it comes to talking to sellers or even calling and talking to buyers. And at the end of the day, it’s pretty easy guys, you just make friends with people, but not understanding-

Christopher: Well it’s easy for you David, it’s easy for you.

David: Easy for me, that’s- absolutely right. But by not understanding some of the basic principles of communication, you know I think people are going to be a little bit you know, left behind.

Christopher: Yeah.

David: So you had mentioned tonality, you had mentioned body language and you had mentioned the actual words. So can you dive into that for a few minutes for us?

Christopher: Absolutely Dave and now again, do I have your permission to just be super blunt? I’m literally- I’m gonna be dropping some bombs right now.

David: Absolutely, you can do and say whatever the f you want man, [inaudible].

Christopher: Okay?

David: All good.

Christopher: So here’s the thing. Most people have egos especially guys.

David: Yes.

Christopher: They don’t wanna hear what I’m going to say which is the seller, we’re going to start with the seller first and with the buyer first, right? So I’m going to talk about the seller and then talk about the buyer. Most people want to hear, especially men, they don’t care about you. I’ll say it again.

David: Yes.

Christopher: They don’t care about you, they care about themselves. If you can make them more money, they’re gonna want to talk to you.

David: Yup.

Christopher: So just like I have clients, their door to door sales, you gotta be so direct to the point. You knock on the door, just say hey I was just talking to your neighbor Michael and I saved them 40% on his electric bill, are you interested in learning to save 40%? Boom. 4 seconds immediately, I don’t- they don’t give a crap about who I am, they just know that Christopher Kai can save them 40%. Now I am so next level David words wise, right? I’m not in a [inaudible], I’m a sales guy, my client tells me that and I said it would be better if you say: what if you save $100 in a month, that’s a $1000 in a year, that’s $10,000 in 10 years. David what would you do with $10,000 for your discretion? What would you buy David with $10,000?

David: I’d probably take my wife on a ski trip.

Christopher: Right? Right? And again if there was a woman there, I’d be like oh yeah. Again, talking to women, talking to men is different. If a woman approaches the door, I say hey so Nicole, what would you spend $10,000? But don’t tell your husband, you know? Again, you’re being charming but what I’m saying is words matter, who you’re talking to them but remember they don’t care about you. Remove your ego. When I started becoming very successful David, I removed my ego and I’m pretty much say it as you did Dave. How can I serve you? Ideally it’s combined meaning yo dude I’ve never been to St. Louis to speak, I love to speak, I serve you, you know what I mean? Like it’s mutual. Elon Musk, I was asking but I was also giving an opportunity. Most people just take take take.

David: Yeah.

Christopher: They ramble on, they don’t care about you. So that’s a seller words you use. Does that make sense?

David: Mm-hmm.

Christopher: Literally hey-

David: I absolutely love it. So what are the percentages of tonality, body language and the actual words? Because I think this I know the answer but I really want you to talk about it for a second because I think a lot of people are going to be so incredibly shocked at how little the words actually matter, right? Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m wrong.

Christopher: Yeah that the stats that are often quoted which actually is erroneous ’cause the guy that created the stats actually keeps saying they’ve been misquoted but it’s still a great guideline.

David: Sure.

Christopher: It’s usually said that it’s 7% words, 40% tonality, and 53% body language, and I’ll explain. If I’m like hey David I’m a very confident speaker I- I really think I can help you become a speaker and get paid a lot. I’m weak sounding.

David: Yup.

Christopher: The words are the same but I change my tone and then all of a sudden I just roll my shoulder back. Of course not everyone can have cool hair like me but notice as David knows, I’m animated but there is no ambiguity. If let’s say David sized up my program like dude I am 1000% sure I could help you build at a speaker done-for-you website ’cause I’ve done this a lot of times. Again some people like well Chris I think- no, there is not think. It’s like do or do not.

David: Yeah, do or do not.

Christopher: There’s not try, it’s do or do not. And all of the people that probably know you that know you Dave, you’re a confident person. If you’re a freaking 6 year old hitting on 5th graders, I’m like dude, you know?

David: I did it yeah. I’ve been confident for a long time. But I’m passively working on [inaudible].

Christopher: Right? But now it’s about how to teach your other clients how to be confident.

David: Yes.

Christopher: Because even you having the balls and the carefreelessness to say yo I’m Dave and I’m like alcoholic. People that aren’t confident, oh my god what if they judge me? Who cares?

David: Yeah I didn’t give a crap. Yeah.

Christopher: Exactly.

David: Right.

Christopher: But that’s why we’re here, right? It’s about the vibe. So the more you own yourself and don’t care as much, you know who your tribe is and dude you even know like I freaking told people my mom and dad passing away like I don’t even want to talk about this stuff but it’s top of mind. My mom- my dad would have been 86 years old yesterday.

David: Wow.

Christopher: So I’m just saying it gets very real when you have people like do you have anyone in your family that passed away fairly recently or friends?

David: Yeah friends and both of my parents at a young age and my stepmom even. I’ve had three parents pass, I’m well aware.

Christopher: But you know what I mean?

David: I’ve had friends passed just recently that they’re in their mid to late 30’s and it’s just like shit is crazy.

Christopher: Right?

David: Health is wealth guys, health is wealth.

Christopher: Yeah. So that’s what I’m saying dude like that’s why- remember, I literally pointed you out. I’m like you know what David, right?

David: Yeah.

Christopher: Because you’re the only guy that stood out. So it’s like the whole 30 minutes we’ve talked about, you asked me a very specific question. Yo how do you communicate better? You’re the king of communication, share stories, personal, professional, clients, how? I asked you, you know, you’re a kid, transition, hire coaches. People who don’t invest, they won’t succeed. Why do I know this? You look at any athlete in any industry, basketball, baseball, it doesn’t matter, they all have coaches.

David: They all have several coaches.

Christopher: Yeah.

David: Absolutely.

Christopher: As do I, coaches, mentors, trainers.

David: Physical, mental, yeah you name it. I got 5 or 6 coaches as well right now.

Christopher: That’s what you told my- you told [inaudible] ah I got 6 coaches, I don’t need Chris right now.

David: Yeah I have- I literally have- I’ve probably spent 60 grand in the last 60 days and it’s just like- but it’s great though like here’s the thing: now when I go home after a long day of whatever that may be, sometimes it’s work, sometimes it may be hanging out with friends but when I go home, I have zero desire to sit on my couch and watch television or Netflix or Seinfeld or whatever it may be because I’m paying these coaches to make me better so I know because I-

Christopher: You’re making an investment in yourself.

David: I’ve made the investment into them, right. But I know just like because I am a coach that I can only show somebody a door, they gotta walk through it or run through that door, right? So that’s what these coaches are doing to me is they’re- they are painting a beautiful picture of a door but if I decide to hang that picture on the wall, I don’t run through it, don’t go running into the wall everybody listening but you get the metaphor here.

Christopher: But if we did, we’ve ran against the wall, that’s a funny story, we talked about that, right?

David: Yes. Absolutely, yes. Yeah so it’s like I don’t think I’ve ever had this many coaches at any given time. I usually have anywhere between 2 and 4, I literally have 6 right now, you know, so anywhere that’s [inaudible]-

Christopher: Is it all real estate related?

David: -that doesn’t have at least one coach, you guys are doing yourself no good by saving that money and/or thinking you’re investing it by putting it into the stock market, in your 401K or whatever guys. The single best investment you can make is in you. It’s going to make you a better partner, a better human, a better investor, hopefully a better spouse, better looking naked in the mirror, more confident. I mean come on the list goes on and on and on. What would you rather have? Those things? Confidence being a big one or an extra 10, 20, 15 grand in the stock market that you have zero control over? Come on people.

Christopher: Come on people. Preach David. Preach.

David: Preach David preach. But Chris, I’m- either way, I’m so happy that you came on. Guys if you are listening and you are interested to learn more about Christopher, check out his website: Christopher Kai, that’s C-H-R-I-S-T-O-P-H-E-R, hopefully you can spell Christopher but just in case Christopher Kai that’s K-A-I.com. Go check it out. Again he has a couple different-

Christopher: And click on GPS. So that’s my website and then click on GPS which is the-

David: What’s the website?

Christopher: No, that is the website.

David: That is? That’s what I thought. christopherkai.com.

Christopher: So christopherkai.com is the website but then you click on GPS is the application process for our prime membership group but make sure you mention David Dodge ’cause we get hundreds of people requesting access to apply so make sure you put yo I heard this awesome story from David Dodge, his podcast, ’cause otherwise you would get lost in the crowd with the hundreds of people. I want to give you first class, cut the line treatment because again, it’s all about vibe. We don’t want anyone people there what I call NAT’s, negative arrogant takers. We want people that are COP’s, we want people that are coachable, optimistic, and purposeful. If you’re not that, we don’t want you. So go to christopherkai.com, click on GPS,  G-P-S, the tab, apply there. You may or may not get accepted but at least you have a chance to be reviewed by my team because David’s cool, if you’re part of this community then I want you to be part of my community. And David, thank you for this opportunity, you’re a good dude. I look forward to seeing you in St. Louis.

David: Christopher, likewise. Thank you for coming on. I’m so incredibly grateful for your time and I can’t wait to start working with you my friend. Guys check out hristopherkai.com to learn more. Again, I was thoroughly impressed when I walked in.

Christopher: Preach baby preach.

David: I saw him onstage talking and everybody in this room put their phone down, they closed their laptop and they were like I want to listen to what this person has to say. And it wasn’t necessarily what Christopher said, it was the ability to command a crowd which I was utterly impressed by. So guys one more time, christopherkai.com, check it out. Christopher, thanks for coming on, always a pleasure.

Christopher: Preach baby.

David: Thank you and I am incredibly grateful to have you on the show.

Christopher: Thank you David. Have a great day everyone.

David: Signing off guys. Thanks for listening.

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