Episodes 292: Blueprint on how to grow the perfect real estate biz

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Welcome back to another edition of the Discount Property Investor Podcast. Today, David Dodge is joined by a friend, a real estate investor, and an author, Eric Hatch. If you are looking to grow your traditional real estate team, there is nobody better than Eric in the business. Listen to this episode and connect with Eric, he has the best program on the planet for growing teams of traditional real estate investors.

Things that will cover in this episode:

  • Play For the Person Next to You – Mindset is the catalyst for growth
  • The Perfect Real Estate Agent Blueprint – A guidebook on how to grow a great team
  • Eric’s real estate team – number 40 ranked team in the industry
  • Reasons that people would want to work in a commission environment
    • sugar daddy
    • trust fund
    • terrible financial habits
    • second job
    • saved 4-6 months of income
  • Eric’s team – 58 people
  • Go deep and not wide – hiring people
    • First Hire – Get an ADMIN
    • Second Hire – Another ADMIN
    • Third – Partner (licensed agent). The nurse for the doctor – MICRO TEAM (not MACRO)
    • Fourth – Inside sales agent
    • Fifth – Either partner or more agents that are not on your micro team
    • Sixth – INFINITY -> After that a its whatever!!
  • 4 pillars of growing a real estate biz
    • Leadership pillar
    • Service pillar
    • Lead Gen Pillar
    • Marketing

Service Mentioned:

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