Episode 213: Legal Shield With Chris Craddock

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Show Notes

Want to get $50,000 bucks by side hustling using a legal shield with only spending half an hour a day? In this episode of Discount Property Investor David Dodge is joined with Brysan Duvall, an upcoming co-host in Discount Property Investor, and David’s good friend Chris Craddock. Want to get right into action? then check out the links below or send David Dodge a direct text.

Things that will cover in this episode:

  • Learn How to Sell and Endorse Legal Shield
  • Make Money by Side Hustling
  • Legal Shield Hustling
    • Earn Money Every Day
    • Get in Contact with Chris
    • Get in Contact with David

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Chris: Just gotta do it. You’ve got to roll with it man.

David: That’s right. Alright guys, welcome back. Today, we’re going to be talking about LegalShield for real estate investors. I am your host David Dodge joined by hopefully the new- one of our new co-host soon, Brysan Duvall. Welcome my man.

Brysan: What’s going on man?

David: Happy to have you today and hopefully, you’d start hosting some shows soon, and then of course, the one, the only, Chris Craddock. Chris, you had Maryland, right or DC?

Chris: Yeah, DC area, yeah yeah.

David: Okay, that’s what I thought, man. So Chris, LegalShield, IDshield, these are like no-brainers for people because you need to track your credit if you want to be a real estate investor, first and foremost, so like if you have a credit tracking app or service already, that’s great. Package that up with Legal Shield and it’s going to be even better. Tracking your credit, knowing what’s going on with the increase, all that stuff’s awesome obviously but then the legal side of LegalShield, the ability to have a lawyer 24/7 available to you, also have a lawyer available to review contracts, make calls and/or send letters on your behalf. I mean, I have three or four lawyers in my family and none of them are going to be making calls on my behalf, they just don’t do that type of law and like I get it, I wouldn’t even ask them to, so you know, having real estate specific people really really really makes sense guys. So, today I don’t really want to dive too deep into some of the reasons why people should have it. I look at it like this way, like if you don’t have it, your- it’s kind of stupid of you, especially if you’re in real estate because you need access to lawyers and you need to be able to maintain finances and track your credit, like it’s that simple, right? Like, I have 70 mortgages, right? So I have to always know where my credits at so I can continue to get more loans, right? So it’s just kind of a no-brainer. So today, I’m really happy that Chris is here and I’m not trying to do all the talking, I promise but I wanna talk about you know, LegalShield as a side hustle because who couldn’t use an additional, you know, two or three thousand a month or in Chris’s case, Chris how much did you make this month on LegalShield bro? Like, what?

Chris: It’s unreal. [inaudible] 15 grand and then I got another 15 thousand dollars- 600- 15,600 dollar bonus coming so tell me that’s like not just crazy? It’s insane. [inaudible].

David: So, hold on. You’ve made 15 thousand this month on just promoting this, right? and getting people to sign up and then you got a bonus for having, you know, just being a rock that you are for another 15, so you basically brought in $30,000 this month on a side hustle?

Chris: Side note, I spent about half an hour a day on this thing. It’s nuts man, its nuts, but let me show you something else, so the guy that brought me into it has been doing it for two years. Let me show you what his check was for his quarter [inaudible] Let me see if it shows up there. Does this how up well? Do you see that number?

David: Nah, that’s a little blurry but I’ll take your word for it.

Brysan: Looks like a lot of numbers.

David: Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh. 66 thousand!?

Brysan: Come on now.

Chris: 66,388 dollars and 96 cents. That’s what his quarter two bonus- you know the call where they said hey things have been good. Tell me that’s not a crazy number for you know, for that. It’s just unreal.

David: Well, that was a bonus, that was- holy cow.

Brysan: So what was his actual income? If that was the bonus then what was that- his regular compensation?

Chris: I mean, he’s gonna do probably about 3 quarters a million bucks this year which is crazy. He had a residential real estate team that he was you know, ups and downs, ebbs and flows, and he called me like about a year ago and- or I guess it was a little longer than that and was like Chris, you gotta do this man, you gotta do this. I’m like no, he’s like listen, I’m shutting down my real estate team and going all-in on this thing and I was like bro, don’t be an idiot man. I said scale your business, scale your business and he’s like here, he’s like I looked at the last 10 years of my life and he’s like, I’ll have months that are amazing and then I’ll have months where I’m like just barely paying my overhead and he said I’m just tired of the ups and downs. He’s like Chris, I promise you in the next three years, I’m gonna make a million dollars a year from this business and I’m gonna have 0 overhead and he’s like tell me- go to sleep at night with 0 overhead is not something that’s really really interesting.

David: Yeah man, that’s- the real estate business has a ton of overhead.

Brysan: Absolutely, on any level.

David: On any level, that’s a great point. So holy cow, so-

Chris: [inaudible] I said bro, you’re an idiot. I was like scale your business, just scale it and then sure enough, right around the time Corona happened he got his first Q1 check and that was you know, he told me what it was going to be. It was like 56 grand, this ones 66 so it’s 10 grand more for his second one and I was like, holy crap that’s-

David: That’s only bonus man, holy cow. So, let’s talk a little bit about how this process works. So, LegalShield is an app, IDshield is an app, they’re basically apps. You can buy one or the other, its monthly subscriptions, right? You can bundle them together to get a deal. I have both because I obviously- I was already paying for an app through Bank of America or a service through them, and it was the same exact cost and they were offering me like 15 or 20 grand in insurance and LegalShield, don’t quote me on this but it was like ten times that so I was like, holy cow like I’m ten times more for the same price and it’s an app, like I don’t want to login to a website, I love apps, right? So, you have these products right? and LegalShield as a company, they don’t do television or radio. They pay people to promote it and that’s what you are and that’s what I am as an associate, right? So, we go out and we promote this business to sign up other customers who again, should be using it.

Brysan: Right.

David: Like, it’s just kind of a no-brainer not to have the ability to have a lawyer review your contracts and they called and/or real-time like you get in trouble or you’re in a different state travelling, like it’s a nationwide thing which is sweet, right? If you get in trouble for any reason in Milwaukee and you live in St. Louis like me, like I’m not going to hire a St. Louis guy to help me, I’m going to go up there.

Brysan: Of course.

David: Right? I mean come on and don’t do anything stupid, stay out of trouble but you never know, right? So, with that being said though, they don’t do marketing, they’re not on television or radio, instead they pay people like Chris and myself and Bryson here to spread the word and that’s what we’re doing today, but the way they pay you, I want to dive- I want to talk about for a couple minutes because I think it’s really really cool. So, when you sign somebody up for you know, the- a lower subscription plan, you know, they’re paying 30, 40, 50 bucks a month for the services, you actually get like 150 or 200 dollars roughly right? I don’t know the exact number but they pay you more than that customer paid which is awesome and crazy, and on top of that you get overrides so if you would build a team like Chris did and that’s how he was able to take that 15 in income to 30, cuz he had a team of other people and they bonused him for that, right?

Brysan: Gotcha, okay.

David: But on top of that, you get paid every day.

Chris: Yeah, yeah yeah.

David: So I mean- so can you dive a little deeper on all these ways that you’re able to make money and how easy it is.

Chris: Yeah, and one thing I wanna also hit on is the fact that this- I don’t believe that there’s any such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme, right? So, there’s no get rich quick but there is- there are ways to do things that, like it’s just hacks, right? So, like David, you teach people how to invest. If people were to invest in you know, like the BRRRR strategy or whatever and just go ahead and go out there and just do it on their own, they could probably figure it out but it would take a long- a long long period of time but what you do is you help people essentially compress those decades that you’ve put into this into days and weeks and months and just cut the learning curve.

David: Yes, that exactly right.

Chris: And that’s the whole thing here with LegalShield, the cool thing is there are lots of people out there that are doing it and not learning and just taking a long time, but for me, it’s been really quick because the people that are in our organization like I mean heck the guy that teaches us, he spends 90% of his day, he’s part of great cardones inner circle, he’s worth 60 million bucks, he makes I mean almost 4 million bucks a year, just from the-

David: Bryan, you’re talking about?

Chris: Yeah, Bryan, Bryan.

David: Yeah, I watched one of his webinars the other night man. He did a great job with the presentation too so yeah it’s just amazing how a side hustle can turn into that kind of income, Chris. When you approached me you know, three or four months ago, I’m like dude, I am all about making extra money and if it doesn’t cost me a lot to get in, then I’m game and the way I looked at this is like it’s not costing me anything really because I need it, right? I literally already had these services elsewhere and I combined it and then immediately after we got it, we’re like, hey, we’ve been doing this for like 6 years but we’ve never even had a lawyer like review our contract, might be a good idea. So of course, we spent the day and we did that, you know and then we’re like holy cow, they brought some things to light, nothing major, but like still like you know, it’s just nice to have it stamped and approved by a lawyer, I am not one right? It’s really also nice to just be able to have that access right then and there. So again, like I’m not here to sell you on the service, I just want to podcast with my homie Chris Craddock who I can see now, you ain’t so blurry.

Brysan: Right, look at that boom. Got down to the real talk and now you’re clear.

David: Yeah, but talk about the hustle side of this man, like so what’s the process like of- what’s the sales cycle or process look like? because you know, the way I see it is everybody needs it and should have it and you know, that kind of goes without saying but just signing people up is part of the game. Also, getting other people to say hey, you can make money in this as a side hustle, that’s a whole different ball park. So, if you don’t mind, give me a couple minute explanation on you know, the sales processes for each and really where’s the money at? Let me ask you this, lets cut to the chase bro.

Brysan: Give us the real talk man.

David: The real talk, yeah exactly so like if I’m trying to get to Chris Craddock, you know, 10, 15 grand a month, not including bonuses, what should I do?

Brysan: Right, knock it out for us Chris.

David: And all the viewers and listeners, what do they do? What’s the first step, bro?

Chris: Yeah, absolutely. So here’s what it is, it’s duplication and so there’s a book the Bryan Carruthers wrote called ‘Building an Empire’. I think everybody should go read it for your real estate business, for your- everything you do, every organization you’ll learn about it and here’s the thing that’ll make you better, it’s all about duplicate. So, what you do is you find a handful of people that are hustlers, grinders looking to add a little bit of you know, some extra income and then you just- you just share with them, just say hey, the products awesome. You can tell people about how great the product is, everybody needs a will, everybody needs, you know, all the stuff you talked about. You find them, you get them in and then you just immediately you say alright, go find four or five other people, let’s get them on a call and the whole thing is you’re not talking about- you’re not- you’re not going to sell them on it, you just say hey, I want to get them on a call, I want to get them to hear about what’s going on with my buddy Chris and they get on the call and then I sell and here’s the deal, if you just follow the model-

David and Brysan laugh.

David: You’re making this really really easy for me right.

Chris: I’ll close them.

David: So you’re saying just- if somebody that is interested in making some extra money and we’re going to get them on the phone with you.

Chris: Boom, that’s it, it’s so simple.

David: Holy cow, and that goes out to all the viewers too, right? Holy cow, wow.

Brysan: Good deal.

David: Well Chris, you better get ready man. I think you’re gonna have a lot of phone calls.

Chris: Then great, but here’s the thing: then after other people do it, they start making good money. As soon as they’re making good money, then they can- then they’re friends are gonna be saying hey, let me get you on the phone with my buddy, you know, whoever it is and you will be the next person and then boom, you’re able to pitch it because you’ve got a great story so you’re only like doing with these calls for just a short period of time, you help a couple people level up and then boom, they’re doing exactly what you’re doing and the empire grows and the empire builds. And so for me, when I started making I mean when I guess what was it? last month where it was like $10,000 before this last I guess the month before, you know I had I think it was like 26 people that I had signed up, who had all signed up other people and we have like four hundred people in the organization, so to get to like to 10 grand-

David: After how long?

Chris: Yeah, I mean at that point, I mean it was I think it was like my 4th month of really grinding with this and hustling with it so uhm.

David: So, you’ve been doing this as a side hustle for probably 6 months give or take and you’ve made I would say 50 grand?

Chris: I mean, just right around there yeah.

David: Just around 50 thou- side note.

Brysan: How many hours you do this a day?

Chris: I spend- I spend a half an hour a day. Every once in awhile, it’s a little bit longer and sometimes its less but about half an hour a day. What I try to do is I try to identify two people everyday that I can have a conversation about and now it comes up in other conversations, you know, like I’ll be talking to other buddies and I’m like bro, you don’t have a will? Get LegalShield and you know, whatever and then tell them about it or I mean, I just had a buddy of mine, he was a pastor so he’s an influencer and bro, he’s at LegalShield for 9 years cuz he got it from his wife’s company. He didn’t know that he could sell it to people. He love the product, he said I’ve literally gotten like 30 people signed up in the last nine years just because I love the product. I didn’t even know you could sell it so he’s you know, he’s out there launching it, running it and everything there so it’s crazy. And this is the difference, like you’ll see these other MLM’s and I try to stay away from MLM’s cuz I didn’t really like them that much cuz I see so many people that do them and don’t make much money, but you’ll never seen Amway person saying hey come check out Amway if you’re not selling Amway. LegalShield across-the-board, you see people literally it’s only 2.2% of people actually sell LegalShield that own it. So it’s like such a small percentage that are actually selling it. Most people don’t even know they could sell it, and so that’s that whole thing is like this is a product that’s an awesome product. It’s legal insurance, it’s identity theft insurance, it’s something that is amazing, and every business owner, if you can’t pick up the phone and talk to an attorney, I promise you there’s going to be times that you’re like man, I really would love to talk to an attorney but I don’t want to pay 250 bucks, ahh this is probably right.

David: Yeah, most people Chris.

Brysan: Chris, you bring up real great points because I’ve had experience in network marketing and this is a needs-based business, you know what I mean? It’s a needs-based service that if you’re in real estate, it’s like when I was sold when I got into real estate, it wasn’t- if you were going to get sued, it’s just when, you know.

David: It’s when, right, right.

Brysan: So, that’s what I- I think you actually told me that, honestly.

David: Absolutely, 100%.

Brysan: Right when I started wholesaling, he was like, it’s gonna come someday.

David: And I haven’t been sued yet which is great but it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen, but I’ve also, not personally sued people but used lawyers to send letters on my behalf for real estate deals to basically say this is coming if we don’t figure this out, you know, like not trying to be a bully but you know, so it’s only a matter of time till it happens to me in return. I’m actually looking here, the IDshield is a million-dollar protection policy. I had a 25k over at Bank of America. Same price, that’s pretty cool.

Brysan: Like I was saying, it- for us as entrepreneurs, we’re trying to always get more with less, right?

David: Yup.

Brysan: I mean, we’re in real estate to make money. That’s why I know you buy rental properties, that’s why we wholesale. We wholesale cuz it’s the cash machine.

David: Yeah, that’s it. That’s why we do everything.

Brysan: Exactly.

David: That’s why we’re doing this podcast right now.

Brysan: Absolutely.

David: To make money, right? I mean period.

Brysan: Absolutely and that’s clear and simple, but with other MLS, MNL’s or whatever.

David: MLM’s

Brysan: MLM’s, there’s more work involved, you know, qualifying the people, training the people, it’s like this it’s like yo, you know somebody that can do it? Here, you’re on my team, build it. I don’t necessarily have to say Dave, let me work on all this personal development stuff and really go through all that work. I mean if he doesn’t send any business, that’s great, you know somebody else that needs it, there’s mostly us as investors, other people we are needs these services.

Chris: Let me share something with you that’ll just kind of blow your mind because I’m all about the genius to the AND right? I’m a huge reader, I think your life grows, your business grows to the extent that you grow. Jim Collins in his book ‘Good to Great’ says this: he’s like it’s all about the genius of the AND. If you are a wholesaler, what is one of the most powerful things that you have? It’s your buyers list. It’s networking, bringing in a powerful buyers list. A buyer of properties is likely going to be in a place where they get sued so at $89 a month, if anybody sues them, they have attorneys that will represent them in court for free for the 89 dollar a month thing.

David: Yeah, I like that it’s an app too man. It’s literally an app so you know, you can call your law firm for legal advice, letters, calls made on your behalf, contracts and documents reviewed up to 15 pages, IRS audit assistance which is huge, civil trial defense for covered situations, family and domestic services and then of course, it’s an app so like you can upload documents and send pictures from your phone, it just makes everything easy Chris. So, you are absolutely crushing it. One thing I want to build on what you said Brysan was, you know, a lot of these other MLM’s are not necessary, right? So like it’ll be like a juice drink that makes you young again or it’ll be like some makeup, right? And that’s great, I love it. I’m not hating on it not at all on any of those things, but the problem with those is like the products aren’t necessary and what ends up happening is people buy in and then they start selling or they may struggle with selling, but then they’re like locked into buying the product, so the guy above them is getting paid on them buying the product.

Brysan: It’s a constant chase.

David: Yeah, exactly and then before you know it, they have 30 boxes in their garage of product that they’re buying but they’re not able to sell and this isn’t like that. There’s no physical product that’s being shipped. It’s literally a service and again, it’s something that you- you’re kinda dumb if you don’t have it in my opinion just because of all the features that it has. So, I love that man, so you are absolutely crushing it. I mean what’s your goal like in 20- like for the next couple months. I mean you went from you know, like 5 to 10 grand up to 30 grand in a month, you’re taking this thing into the moon bro, I love it.

Chris: Well, here’s the thing. So, I have a goal, you know, I own 8 businesses and with the businesses I have a goal that every single one of them will [inaudible] and so, you know, and a couple one of them do. One of them does, you know, others are going to be close but you know at the end of the day, that is my goal here and so that’s where I’m trying to build and scale this. Oh, one other thing I didn’t say about this, so I own an insurance company as well, and one of the reasons I love insurance is because insurance is not about a transaction based business, it’s about residual income. And so with LegalShield, if I sign you up, you get paid. It’s just like an insurance company, in insurance company, you get paid 12 months up front and after the 12 months, on the 13th month, you get a residual check every single time like being a Netflix member, you know, it’s [inaudible].

David: Yeah, when they renew you right? On the renewal, you get another check.

Chris: Exactly.

David: Basically, every time you [inaudible] renewed, you get paid for being the associate, so it’s really no different. I mean, the insurance industry itself is an MLM, it just doesn’t necessarily give you overrides whenever you sign up more agents essentially, right? Same thing right?

Brysan: That’s the only difference.

David: Yeah.

Chris: Well, it does but here’s the difference. You know, when I was looking at it, here’s the difference, in my insurance company, to bring somebody in for the software, the training, all the other stuff, it cost me about 10 grand per person to bring them in to have them start selling insurance under our banner. For this, it cost a 100 bucks like it’s a no brainer. It’s just a no brainer and it pays out exactly the same, you build a book of business like my friend Bryan, like literally if he didn’t sell another thing, nobody in this organization sold another thing. He would make a million dollars a year just off of renewals from the book that he’s built. Now granted he’s been doing it for 20 years but literally, it’s a million dollars on the book that he and the people in his organization had built over the 20 years, and that to me, I mean, that is mailbox money, that is wealth, you know, otherwise like for all of us in wholesaling, in fix and flipping and retail real estate, all of that, we are still in a transaction based business. If you can sick, your income gets sick/ You go on vacation, your income goes on vacation, and so that’s why this is so crazy. It’s like you get paid, you can- you don’t even have to wake up and you know, you’ll still get paid cuz you got a book of busi9ness.

David: Right, right, man I love that. I absolutely love that. I’m going to add this text me info for more information. Guys, if you want more information about how you can sign up, literally just shoot me a text message at 314-501-7557 and I will respond to that message in real time and I will help you get set up, not only with the apps for yourself, but also the associate portal and I may even be having Chris step in and help out as well because he knows this better than me, but together we are going to help you get set up in this business if you want to, and I really don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to. Chris is a perfect example on how to go and make basically $50,000 as a side hustle and what did he say Brysan, 30 mins to an hour?

Brysan: 30 minutes a day.

David: A day, and you’ve been in this for 6, 7 months at this point so it’s not like this is going to take you six or seven years to go make 50 grand. I mean, you can do this in a matter of months, right? Chris, mind blown bro.

Brysan: It’s wild.

David: Amazing, very very cool and man look at that pretty smile.

All laugh.

David: He’s just sitting there and thinking man, I’m just getting paid baby, I’m getting paid.

Brysan: That’s the money smile right there.

David: I love it guys, I love it.

Chris: I am [inaudible] guys, this is the best add on, so all of the businesses I have, I look for synergistic with my real estate business, you know like, I mean my rentals, my fix and flip, my retail, my construction company, my insurance company so it’s like- it’s always like, you know, I am not going to have a business and then go buy a restaurant because- I may at some point but like right now it’s like all of these things feed into each other and so that to me, like we’re already talking to people that need this product, might as well just get paid for it. Genius to the AND, right? And this is one of the other things that you know a business coach of mine said a long time ago, why get paid once on a transaction, why not get paid 5 times? So every time you’re dealing with somebody, I promise you they need this product, you know, just say hey have you looked into this? Boom, you sell it, you make another commission and then it pays over and over and over again. It’s a no-brainer.

David: God I love this man, absolutely love this. Guys, text me for more information 314-501-7557. There’s some links below this video depending on where you’re watching it that you can go and you can get some more information about it or even sign up. If you have questions though, I am here to help and my buddy Chris is as well. I’d be happy to connect you with him if you want to talk directly with him via text and we can go from there. Chris, thank you so much for coming on today, sharing some of this wisdom and basically, I mean you told a story in the very beginning about somebody that was kind of doing this as a side hustle and stopped doing real estate altogether to do this. I’m not here to say that’s something that you should go do but hell, it happens to you too and all of a sudden you are bringing in so much cash that it doesn’t make sense to do anything else and I have a feeling Chris might be in that.

All laugh.

David: Alright, but we will see. Alright guys, thanks again for watching and listening.

Brysan: Chris, it was nice meeting you buddy.

David: Yes sir. Don’t forget, there’s a link below with more information or shoot a text directly to me and I will connect you and answer your questions and get you going. 314-501-7557. Chris, thanks again. Signing off guys.

Brysan: Later guys.

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