Episode 247: Real Estate Q & A

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Show Notes

In today’s episode of the Discount Property Investor Podcast, David and Mike are going to have a little conversation and answer some questions from some of their students. If you are struggling right now with anything real estate related, listen to this episode!

Things that will cover in this episode:

  • How to find a motivated seller?
  • How long do you use as a contract expiration time frame for the seller to accept your offer? What would you use as an earnest money deposit? What additional terms and conditions if any would you include in a wholesale offer?
  • How to use Redfin to find the ARV?
  • How to change your mindset?
  • How to get started where you can pull free other than bandit signs and driving for dollars?
  • What would be the first step in becoming a real estate investor?
  • How to do your first wholesale real estate deal?
  • How to figure out the repair cost and how does it affect the assignment fee or how do you get paid?
  • Is there anything different in receiving a check from escrow versus closing the agent?

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