Episode 262: Joshua Ferrari – Multi-Family Apartment Syndication


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Today David Dodge has a special guest, Joshua Ferrari who is an aircraft technician. Josh shares about his real estate journey, what is his business, and how he gets started. This episode is for you if you have an apartment building that you want to sell or if you’re interested in being an owner of a multifamily type of unit. Listen to this episode and learn more about real estate and if you want to connect with Joshua Ferrari.  

Things that will cover in this episode: 

  • How Josh gets started in real estate 
  • Syndication 
  • Where to find the partners, the investors, to do the syndication? 
  • Where to find the deal? 
  • Social Media 
  • Joshua’s plans and goals and how to achieve those 
  • Marketing 

Service Mentioned: 

Joshua’s LinkedIn:

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