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Free Courses

We have Tons of Free Courses!

Our Mission is the make YOU a better investor!   Most of the time that means teaching you how to locate and gain control of properties by marketing directly to motivated sellers.  We also have courses on Wholesaling & Landlording!!

Wholesaling Course

This course will teach you how to find and Market to Motivated Sellers. How to use contracts to gain control and how to build a buyers list so you can easily sell your deals for Profits!  We also cover how to Run Comps and How to Analyze all your Deals!

Landlording Course

This course will teach you how to become an expert Landlord.  We break down how to find properties that will make great rentals and how to rehab them! Also, how to locate the perfect Tenants for your Rental Properties!  Landlording doesn’t have to be difficult 🙂 

David Dodge Flips

We have done over 600 Wholesale Deals and we want to teach YOU how EASY it is to Flip Houses with Little to None of your own Money! 

Its as Easy As 1…2…3…. 

Free Courses

We have tons of Free Courses to educate you on how to find, analyze, and buy properties at a discount.  We NEVER pay retail!

Premium Courses

Need additional help?  We have put together some Amazing Courses and Coaching Programs to help you get that First Deal!

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