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The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling

Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate

The BRRRR Method

The BRRRR Method Book

The 3 Pillars of Wholesaling

3 pillars of wholesaling real estate

About the Authors

David Dodge: St. Louis Real Estate Investor with over 17 years of experience.   He first started investing in Real Estate when he was in college, at the age of 20 while attending the University of Missouri-Columbia.  David specializes in wholesaling real estate as well as teaching others how easy it is to learn how they too can wholesale Real Estate for huge profits.  David and his team have wholesaled over 600 houses to date and his company “House Sold Easy” averages about 8-10 wholesales a month. David also loves to fix-and-flip properties as well as add properties to his rental portfolio.   David has over 50 rentals currently and he has a goal to take his rental portfolio to over 150 properties in the next 24-36 months.  

Mike Slane: Before I started investing, I took a more traditional route for income. I was a college graduate, and I worked a day job. I knew I wanted something different out of life, then I read the book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kyosaki. At the time, I was living under the cultural expectations of going to college and getting a ‘real job’ that he mentions in that book. So I started investing. I bought another couple of rental properties after that four-family. I was single at the time and reduced my cost of living down to almost nothing. I made enough money off my rental properties to pay my bills, so I had enough rental income to survive off. I couldn’t handle working a day job anymore. So I quit. Prior to doing any wholesaling.   I do NOT recommend this!  Get your feet wet in wholesaling and do a few deals and then quit your job.